Adam Lambert - VELVET

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VELVET Tracklist:


Nearly half of this album was already purchased with The velvet ep. a song I purchased earlier counts toward the album but the ep doesn’t? That hardly seems fair. I really want to get this album but I just can’t bring myself to buy songs I already have from a different purchase.


On top of his game...... obviously !!!!


At least that’s what I thought Adam and his management said. People are complaining about not being able to buy just the new songs. Be patient.


Already bought Side A and the two earlier singles released...I want the rest of the album but don’ t like the idea of paying twice! I like this new music especially compared to his last music.


Tired of the same old thing on the radio. Give this a try. Awesome beats, lyrics and phrasing.


Sexy, soulful, vibey, nostalgic goodness with guitars!!

Super Skyler

I am a huge fan of Adam Lambert, for you entertainment and trespassing are amazing albums and classics for me. The original high was not AS good as the previous two, but still good enough to buy and enjoy. This album however, I just can’t get behind this style of music. Superpower is great, love that song, and velvet is alright, but the rest are just too different from what I expect from Adam Lambert, I hope he goes back to the more pop-dance style for his next one.


not his best work I like old adam more of his upbeat pop dance side he needs to bring that back


That so proud of him he first definitely love always know that he did first full album so good love this best ways this new album we I love you so much great Job and proud of Adam Lambert

Dallas listener 1

Velvet by Adam Lambert is his best album to date. A throwback to the 70’s, blues, personal and all with the best vocals of anyone today. 💚💜💚💜


Love the vibe for this entire album. His voice is like buttaaaa.


Anyone who says there is not a single good song on the album does not know what real music sounds like or what a real voice sounds like. Can’t you hear the gift when you can hear the beauty of the vocal instrument that carries the melody of the song as well as forming the lyrics so you can understand the story being told. Pure music at its best. Keep it coming!!! I cant wait to hear this live!!


After multiple missteps, Adam found his way!


This album is everything I dreamed it would be! Fell in love with every song! Impossible to pick a favorite but Velvet is on repeat over and over for the moment.


Adam Lambert is an extremely impressive vocalist! He knows how to make great song choices for his audiences. From the funky title track, to the heartbreaking "Feel Something"... this is an album you can enjoy beginning to end, and that really shows off his versatility. For me, he lifted my spirits, made me motivated and excited me.Best male vocalist/entertainer on this planet. He is second to none.


Adam has always impressed me with his range and control and general musicianship. Original High fell a little flat for me, but this new album has me shook! Fresh, funky and retro with Adam’s signature flair. Magnificent!

Eza 8

Really love the song Roses! Wish the whole album sounded like this song. So good!


This dope album is Adam Lambert’s BEST so far! Love all the songs, my favorites at the moment - Stranger You Are and Closer To You 💚💚💚


The thing I love about every Adam album is that he doesn’t repeat himself. So eclectic, carefully chosen songs that blend but NEVER bore. No monotony here, each track is a jewel. True artistry, his vocals are stunningly beautiful and reflect his love of performing. Repeat listening is a pleasure. I have done my 45 minute afternoon walks on Overglow/Roses alone!!! LOOOVE VELVET AND LOVE DON’T.




Always be my favorite singer.This album is amazing!Love it !


I really loved Adam’s record ‘Trespassing’ but found little to like about its follow up ‘Original High’. Didn’t know if he’d bother to continue recording or simply settle for his gig singing for Queen. Well, not only is he still making music, but he seems to have gotten his fire back, as this is definitely some of the best stuff he’s done. Smart move to get back with Nile Rodgers. He’s able to bring out a lot from Adam, like the flavor, attitude, and big vocals that were sorely absent from ‘Original High’. Welcome back, Mr. Lambert :)


This is an extremely cohesive album, that takes you on a journey through the 70’s. This is some of Adam Lambert’s best work


Been waiting so long for this full album, finally out! Repeating it all the day and can’t get enough. “Velvet” is such an amazing song that I fell in love with it from the first beat. What amazed me the most is “Love don’t”, it’s like I’ve never heard Adam’s voice in that way, he had many low registers in other songs too but it’s nothing like in “Love don’t”. 😍


I wanted to take time to share my impression of Adam Lambert’s new CD VELVET. It has been a long time since I have been so inspired by a musical artist. Over the last several years it seems like too many artists are created by marketers and seem to have lost something important in that process. This is not the case with Adam Lambert’s VELVET! This CD feels and sounds like a labor of love. Clearly driven by thoughtful lyrics, this CD takes me back to a time when the artist was in the driver’s seat. With songs like “Superpower” I felt like dancing...was able to suspend my worries as I got lost in the joy inspired by the music. “Superpower” is very upbeat and fun, while being inclusive, offering images of all ages, and reflecting images of kindness, relating to one another...a very lighthearted but catchy song! There is a throwback feel in the CD, particularly in the lead song “Velvet”, not only in its funky beat and dance grooves, but in the lyrics also. It is hard to resist - I challenge you to try not to dance while listening! - it is very reminiscent of early Prince. Some of my favorite songs on this CD are ballads. “Feel Something” and “Closer To You” are both passionate expressions about relationships. These songs allow the listener to relate to their own experiences while becoming impressed with the raw, lush and powerful messages that only Adam Lambert can fully express through his impressive vocal prowess. I can’t remember the last time I was so excited by a CD, but I can assure you that VELVET is a winner! I believe it will join other classics which inspire and cheer us, remind us of the potential in great music, and inspire many new fans for Adam Lambert. You may know Adam as the current lead singer of Queen. He has been touring with Queen for nearly a decade. Adam is also a powerful entertainer and singer-songwriter. If you haven’t yet heard his performance of “Believe” performed to honor Cher at The Kennedy Center Honors - which brought Cher to tears - I highly recommend it. As a singer-songwriter, Adam Lambert is unsurpassed!


Every time I see Adam has a new album coming out I get excited. I don’t know why though as The Original High is his only good one. That remains true today. I don’t know how he continually misses the mark. It’s like a special skill of some kind. Anyway, there’s not one good song here. Skip.

Papi Chulo G

His best album yet. We would get a glimpes here and there and Finally!

Billy Bob Joe the 42

Nice album!


His voice is so gifted


What can I say? Adam Lambert is the voice of my lifetime. This album is completely flawless, from the amazing and beautiful “Feel Something” to the extremely danceable “Superpower”. I gotta say that there is a special nod for “On The Moon” here as well. The album is fire. You need it. Go get it. 💜💚

Great Big Diamond Fan

Velvet great bass line. More rock! A bit EJ a bit MJ

love adam forever

Soooo amazing!!!

a nation-state

this is the album we need right now. Adam is always true to himself and his music reflects that. his voice is UNPARALLELED. Ready to Run has been my jam for months now, Roses is SO GOOD and Love Don't is ON FIRE! if you don't find something to love on this album I weep for your very soul. LOVE YOU ADAM!


I said months ago with side A...this is the masterpiece!

PSU 2007 & 2013

You have great vocals but the throwback 70s beats and wacky rhythms take away from the vocals and enjoying the song.... or songs.


So good. So different. Love the sound and vibes of this album.


This album is seriously one of his best works. He keeps getting better and better with each album! I love Roses, Closer to You, Feel Something, and Overglow.



Gina G.

I’ve been a Glambert since Day #1, but this is Adam’s best album. It’s music that I’ve always wanted him to release. It’s music that feels authentic and you can tell it’s coming from him. “Closer to You” is my favorite song of his ever, and every single song on this album is incredible. A new era of Adam Lambert has begun!


Great Album....he's got such a beautiful voice! Especially the song "Roses" with Mr. Rogers! :)


Adam Lambert proves once again he can do anything with his incredible voice!!! #Velvet is such a breath of fresh air... takes me back to funky fun times in my life but it’s sound is current and makes me want to dance!... great job Adam!... #Velvet was worth the wait!!!


Funky, soulful, voice and instruments forward. Lambert’s voice is unmatched. Taking charge of his own product = great choice. No more compromises to please the marketplace, just pure genius.


Adam Lambert and Velvet make me want to listen to music again. I can’t help but move to these tunes and I leave the album on repeat.


VELVET songs are crafted with talent, love and real musicians on actual musical instruments! Every vocal is immaculate because, hey it’s Adam Lambert. Take a trip back to the late seventies funky smooth sound with a modern spin. I loved every song.

miriam 5

Now Adam has gone and done it a musical masterpiece for all the ages.Every song is filled with uniqueness ,sassiness,sexiness and just plain brilliance. Nothing like it on the charts.. Lambert is probably the best male pop singer of this generation.. The songs match his vocal talent.. This is the best of Adam Lambert


I’ve been a fan of Adam’s for a LONG time, since at least 2011, and when I say this is the BEST album he has ever put out I mean it. It has everything anyone could want from an album, and takes you on a rollercoaster ride to the galaxy and back the whole way through. There genuinely is something on it for everyone!

grabler lover

The best work Adam has done!!


Definitely Grammy-worthy imo. His vocals are A++++ and this album is so him. Hope he’ll get the recognition he deserves with this album because it’s a masterpiece.


They are masterful productions and work beautifully with the tunes and lyrics.

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