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MAP OF THE SOUL : 7 Tracklist:



I love every song it’s amazing

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This song is everything


they’ve done it again; bts continue to make such meaningful, amazing music and it’s definitely shown in this album. every song holds so much emotion and meaning and overall, the album is truly amazing and breathtaking. these 7 never cease to amaze me 💜

bts superioe

this album is so sexc like MmmM yess give me moree 😍😍😍


Jhope said it the best: The decision to follow BTS was the best ever. My only regret is that I became ARMY only last year. This album is phenomenal where they outshine themselves as soloists and the group numbers over and over again.


They honestly always leave me speechless every single time. BTS always has a way to take me breath away every time and never disappoint. 💜🥺😭💜🌙

Darkfish the K-pop stan

I love this album but I don’t we deserved to wait 11 months for this comeback. This is something we should’ve waited 3 months for. Yes I know full albums take more time to produce but it didn’t have to be a full album. It could’ve been an ep or mini album, that would’ve been better than waiting 11 months for one. I’d rather stan groups like Ateez who have normal comebacks every 3-4 months. Bighit is turning into yg now only 1 comeback a year.


This is just pure talent. The vocals are amazing and this is such a heart felt album. I cried, I laughed, I danced, and felt the love and hardworking. BTS! Fighting!


my boys always give 5/5 albums

Just Be You😋

bts has done it again. they never disappoint.


I used to listen to their songs simply because they were upbeat and fun. But this is the first time i’ve listened to the lyrics and there’s so much meaning to this album that I’ve decided to actually buy it (first album I've ever bought ☺️)


The boys of BTS truly put so much thought and effort into this album and it shows on the tracks. This album is a reflection of everything they have experienced since their debut, it shows the good and the bad. I think it is quite possibly their best album yet!

hey you all

All things perfect!!! 👏👏👏

Intergalatic Bear

This is one of my favorite BTS albums! L’album magnifique


Wow AMAZING Album myboys you rock my favorite song in the album is we are Bulletproof : the Eternal on interlude shadow on and make it right keep up the good work😍😍😀😺

China liz

Love the music even if I half to translate most of it❤️


This is trash


everytime i think i’ve seen it all. i’ve become obsessed with so many of their songs due to the melodies that never get old and never leave my head. i’ve always like their music due to the more meaningful meanings and even though i can’t understand korean, i can always feel the emotion they put into their songs and albums. however, this album completely shocked me. i started crying after hearing My Time and We are Bulletproof: the Eternal. i could already tell that it was going to be a great album after hearing Black Swan, Interlude: Shadow, and Outro: Ego (cried from the throwback in both of those lol..), so i had my prepared myself for astonishment but this... i could never have predicted such an amazing and touching album. a story behind every lyric. one can really tell how deep the bond between the members and army really is. i know they won’t read this but i really love bts and their music with all my heart. the feeling i get from listening to their music is greater than anything i’ve every felt and i would give up anything for them to be happy and continue creating wonderful music. Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, and Jeon Jungkook, thank you for being you and for the music and joy you bring to the world.


This album holds a truly inspirational message. It not only contains variety, but every song finds a way to lift up my mood. If i’m having a bad day, I can cry to Zero O’clock and feel better. If i’m working out, I can listen to Ugh to hype myself up. This album has a song for every mood, making it truly diverse. The quality put into each of these songs is outstanding, and even though I am not a professional when it comes to music, I can notice the amount of hard work put into this album. This album has taught me the importance of hard work, the importance of finding ones self, and the importance of learning to love yourself as much as you love others.


They never flop.


Every song on this album is a total masterpiece!

April Chester

Harder they said. In fact, yes, loving 7 men has been the best decision ever!💜💜💜💜💜💜💜


The best, y’all’s fav could never


The kings never disappoint. ✋😔


im just trying to get my sister to stop using my account to buy this stuff


Why almost all of the songs are full with auto tune?


there’s some songs people may like and may not like in this album. But that’s what’s great about it, bts has songs that suits everyone’s taste. They don’t stick to one genre and have music that everyone would enjoy listening to. I love the song on this album and how different they all sound. The solo songs really radiate the vibe of the members and it really suits their voices. I absolutely love how raw they went and how dark they got into this album. They talked about hardships of being famous but did not forget to thank their fans for everything they’ve done for them along the way through the songs. They yet again spread a great message. I love this album and I love their dedication, they’d do anything for their fans.

Kawiee unicorn

BTS is just amazing. They did it again. My favorite song is On and Jamais vu and My time. There all so good!!! I’m speechless and don’t no what to say, so bye!!!


amazing album


My time wow just love this song I listen to it all the time where ever I go . They way jungkook made this song pop with color .His voice is so clean and beautiful. the song draws you into listening to it .. the producers of this song did an excellent job for jungkook ...


You guys have been great from the start. I love you all and the music that you produce has helped greatly to thousands around the world. Another great album for us to enjoy and we thank you for everything boys <3.

사랑해 KPOP

This is so amazingggg


It’s BTS.


They really stepped into the basic category.. nothing new And to much autotune


I live this album so much


This is the best ever 💖💜💖💖💜


Just magnificent 💜💜

organic nut milk

every single track is a certified bop!!!!! thank you bts for giving me a will to live


This album has so many kinds of songs which can make you feel different things. There is not only one kind of meaning to all the songs, each song means something different and I really respect that BTS always can make something to make their fans happy and can keep them that way. BTS is probably a part of my life that I will never forget. They’ve probably made my life brighter with their music, how kind they are, how they would do anything for each other and other people and so much more. They are much more than just K-pop stars. They are people who mean so much to me and changed my view on the world a bit at a time. Zero O’clock is one of the songs I really appreciate because of the lyrics. Because sometimes, I feel like that and I can’t open up to other people because I feel scared that they’ll look down on me and say I’m weak I can’t stand up for myself and I’m a good for nothing person. I hope people can relate to that and I’m not the only one who feels like that. It’s kind of depressing really. To feel like you’re the only who’s not working enough and everybody else is doing so much better than you. But it also teaches you that you can always hope for better days, think everything’s going to better than the last day. That’s what these songs teach me. To be resilient. To always see the good in things. At least try to. I hope BTS will keep making songs like this for themselves and others. Love, An ARMY 💜


Amazing album




This is my first serious BTS comeback as a full grown army, and I’m so proud of them. They’ve put so much work into this album, and I’m so so beyond proud of them and everything they’ve achieved. They put their blood, sweat, and tears into this and it turned out amazing; I just wish we could be there in person to share this memory with them🥺💜

Pink rose pot

I can’t stop listening to this album, all the songs are great and relatable. Love it.

Elmo in Cinco Ranch

this album is so diverse but every song is incredibly unique and amazing, and it builds to the stories they’ve experienced in the past 7 years... honestly just masterpiece

Staciii hopp

I love this album so much

99 Million views gone

Honestly the whole album is amazing! As always they went higher than my expectations! Every track is amazing!!!! The amount of work that was put into this definitely can be felt.


While the world is going in Chaos. Bts always has my back and Army! This album is uplifting and powerful. Showing the boys are humans too with Fear, love, respect, joy, and so much more. This album is legit keeping me sane during this pandemic of the virus. You should check it out too! ^^


honestly this an amazing album and there’s something for everyone🥺💜

Felix Memes


Music Album of BTS:

Make It Right (feat. Lauv) [Acoustic Remix] - Single
Make It Right feat. Lauv [Acoustic Remix] - Single (2019)
Make It Right (feat. Lauv) [EDM Remix] - Single
Make It Right feat. Lauv [EDM Remix] - Single (2019)
Make It Right (feat. Lauv) - Single
Make It Right feat. Lauv - Single (2019)
Old Town Road (feat. RM of BTS) [Seoul Town Road Remix] - Single
Old Town Road feat. RM of BTS [Seoul Town Road Remix] - Single (2019)
Waste It on Me (feat. BTS) [W&W Remix] - Single
Waste It on Me feat. BTS [W&W Remix] - Single (2018)
Waste It on Me (feat. BTS) [Steve Aoki the Bold Tender Sneeze Remix] - Single
Waste It on Me feat. BTS [Steve Aoki the Bold Tender Sneeze Remix] - Single (2018)
Waste It on Me (feat. BTS) [Cheat Codes Remix] - Single
Waste It on Me feat. BTS [Cheat Codes Remix] - Single (2018)
Waste It on Me (feat. BTS) [Slushii Remix] - Single
Waste It on Me feat. BTS [Slushii Remix] - Single (2018)
MIC Drop (feat. Desiigner) [Steve Aoki Remix] - Single
MIC Drop feat. Desiigner [Steve Aoki Remix] - Single (2017)