Def Leppard - Hysteria at the O2 (Live)

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Hysteria at the O2 (Live) Tracklist:


Let’s face it Def Leppard were a great 80’s rock band and even into the early nineties released a few good albums. After that it was pretty much over in my opinion. They keep releasing these “live” concerts but Joe can’t really sing I mean he strains to hit high notes. Just seems like they’re all going thru the motions. Just download their studio hits and skip this “live” stuff.


The whole Hysteria album live! Sound quality is great! The guitars bring new life and emotion to one of the all-time classics.


Why are they releasing the same live album with two different titles? (PS I realize they're not exactly the same albums but I make my point). 2 Stars because Def Lep is awesome, but not 3 stars because there's not even a new single to push the album with.