Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP

℗ 2000 Aftermath Entertainment/Interscope Records

The Marshall Mathers LP Tracklist:


Abdulrahman Musab

This Classic Album is the best Album I’ve ever heard! Literally every song in this album is amazing. 10/10 Overall


Eminem becomes the 1st and only Rapper to have TWO Diamond Albums 1. For The Eminem Show 2. For The Marshall Mathers LP just got Certified for a Diamond TODAY!!! Em is still the GOAT in 2020!


The Marshall Mathers Lp is a great album and is probably one of the best rap albums ever to be created. Clean or edited, it’s cool.


This is the greatest rap album ever made, production wise, lyrically and influentially it’s all downright phenomenal, this album handles everything so well, Eminem’s goofy and edgy and disturbing character makes this album a classic and a huge mark in the hip hop or should I say music industry


Overrated, The Eminem Show or The Slim Shady LP is better


Eminem's best hits


Great Album.

viva ka

Eminem is the Greatest Artist

gUnG1 CHR1S on YouTube

My favorite songs on the album is criminal ( so under rated) the way I am, the real slim shady, Stan........ ok I love the whole album


This album is literally so creative and different from everything out. It’s obviously a true classic. Whether it is the rhyme schemes or story telling or purely just the crazy hooks, it is one of a kind. Nothing can replicate this.


This album is a masterpiece. Em fought censorship in hip hop with superior lyricism and comedic wit. A true work of art and a top ten album in all of hip hop history

Mr Too Cold

Best Eminem album


Greatest album of all time


Best rap album of all time the songs flow together and every song is great. Eminem’s finest work

So many slim shadys

A classic in my eyes




Greatest Of All Time

Titanfall 2 fan

I highly recommend Eminem




Greatest album of all time


why are there no reviews now?


So strange. I own this album on iTunes and it says purchase. Also there were thousands of reviews and now none?

Jayy Jayy Coors

Hell Yeah

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