Emmure - Hindsight


Hindsight Tracklist:



Enough said. Look forward to seeing them live again




The dude wrote Danza 4, all of glass clouds’ stuff, went to fricken Juilliard, and you have him writing an album of breakdowns? Emmure is usually headlining tours, because their live show is amazing. That DOES NOT mean you have to have one of the best guitarists in the scene writing 3 minute breakdowns. I just don’t understand why this band will not utilize Travis.


Most of these songs sound like guitar demos that Frankie put samples in front of and after to make them last 90 seconds. When Frankie isn’t ripping off nu-metal tricks that died 20 years ago the music (albeit short and unimaginative) is pretty heavy. But this is easily the worst Emmure release. No question.


Just for the amount of time I waited for this album, songs could of been longer then a minute, definitely doesn’t sound like any effort was put into the songs very disappointing worst album so far. The old bandmembers are way better!!! Nemesis album like a different band !

Justin Riggins

i believe look at yourself is their best album, it’s aggressive, honest & mean. this album sort of lacks that intensity but still has some good tracks, however since a lot of the songs are short, there’s so much to be desired.


With the stellar Look at Yourself release these guys had me thinking that they had really caught lightning in a bottle as I thoroughly enjoyed the sound they put together. Now this album completely confuses me and imo is pretty much a Frankie Palmeri solo act, and lacks the substance of Josh’s uniquely amazing guitar work.


Get to the riffs and crushing heaviness, and skip the interludes and electronics. There was so much wasted potential here

Jacobs cool iPod

If you hate it why rate it smh it’s a good album not amazing but good 5 stars just because I love pissing off the ones who have such backwards garbage attitudes towards everything.

Raad from Volumes

Josh Travis is a super hawt dude and a fantastic musician. He is seriously the man and he is so sexy


Album is what I thought it was going to be 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽


Since eternal enemies Emmure seem to have found a second wind even more powerful than when they started. I don’t even listen to Gallows anymore. Look at Yourself was such a confident and powerful album start to finish. You don’t see this album topping Look at Yourself but it’s got its own vibe and energy that could make it just as good. Things are more noisy and raw this time around and it’s a different more electronic vibe. Another solid album.


Uncontrollable descent is great but I’ve Scene God is one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard🤷‍♂️


Already know it’s going to be the most brutally heavy album😫🔥 they never disappoint


Always a pleasure


Every song is a banger, one of my favorite bands


Without a doubt this album will slap. Emmure never makes a bad album. Just do it. Also, first ❤️ \M/