Foals - Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 2

℗ 2019 Foals under exclusive licence to Warner Music UK Limited

Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 2 Tracklist:


Great rockers, always bringing their sound to another level. Go to see when you want to be entertained tremendously, go away covid19, I miss going out


Quietly destroying it while other nonce rule the charts. Simply outstanding.


Though I personally prefer Part 1, songs like “Dreaming Of” and “Into the Surf” make this album a solid follow-up to its predecessor

wade hinely

Foals have captivated me with every song they have produced! I thought What Went Down was there best work and then Part #1 released and had to second guess myself and now Part #2 and I am just blown away. Their music was s amazing and then when you see them live it brings it all into focus. These guys just ROCK! Keep bringing it.


These are guys are so excellent live I tend to listen to every new song in the context of how great it will be live and these are gonna be great!!! Black Bull is my favorite so far.


Not a single bad song from these guys. Can’t wait for part 3 too.

Jamie 'Hollywood' Rockwell

Part 1 was an absolute banger, loving what I’ve heard of Part 2 so far


Come in HOT


These guys are simply amazing in the ways they innovate their sound so subtle that it is so close to the sound of their previous works, while also growing lyrically and widening their musical influences. This one is going to be a banger and I along with everyone else I'm sure is ready for some harder rock to take the stage!

I am John Macaws

So looking forward to it!


They don’t know how to make bad music