Heilung - Futha

℗ 2019 Season of Mist

Futha Tracklist:


Everything else on this album is a bad excuse for hot garbage.


I was a witch wild man, sitting on the ground over my sacred stones, which represent the universe and myself, speaking in tongues.


Well, I am not quite sure who the audience for this kind of music is. I would be tempted to say it is for fans of folk chant or pagan ritual music, but it dips too much into EDM. For fans of EDM, there is too much spoken word against a background of a crackling fire. There is no real predicting from one track to the next, or even within a track. As for the spoken words, the overly-aggressive rolling of 'R's and growling from the vocalist ranges from something sinister to comicly over-wrought. I definitely found myself laughing intermittently at arrangements that felt like desperate attempts by a high school kid to produce something scary. Your best bet is probably to pick the tracks you like best and purchase them. Not the whole album, though. Definitely not the whole album.


Ofnir and Futha compliment one another. This album is fantastic alone but pair it with Ofnir for an even better experience.


you just cant get more beautiful than this


Felt like forever waiting for this to be released


Found this group on YouTube, instantly fell in love. They are amazing.


Found this group on a Spotify playlist called “Northern Spirits.” This Group is amazing from what I’ve heard so far.

The Armchair Critic

If you are here, then you most likely already know who and what Heilung is all about. Buy it. Support the band, support the cause.


Can not wait to hear the rest of their album. Very promising so far!


Track 2 is awesome, I can't wait for the rest.

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