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BLOOM*IZ Tracklist:

annika 💕

they’re so talented and i loved every one of their songs. ayayaya is personally my favorite as it gives me highlight and rumor feels. someday could literally be a kdrama ost and i’m so happy they actually made a joyuriz unit. also proud of my bby yujin this era 🥺💙

Alexandria ☆

This album truly is a work of art. I’m in love with every song and I couldn’t ask for anything more. I’d definitely recommend listening to the album if you want to get more into the group.


When will their vampire album be available to purchase on iTunes?


IZ*ONE has nothing to do with X1! They are just beautiful as they are!


very nice album. there's not really a song that i dislike and i think it has something for everyone. i think it's one of the better girl group albums produced so far this year.


They snapped

sum1 :)



Daydream is such a good song, it is my favorite. I hope they do a stage performance for it.


I love this album and hope the girls make more good music in the future!!


MVOTY! 😂👌🏻 queens I will forever Stan....


one of the the most hardworking and humble girl groups out there in the kpop world, stanning them was never a mistake and I couldn’t ask for anything better. welcome back iz*one, lets continue making memories and cherishing every moment until the end.


I love this comeback so much thank you for coming back iz*one, I hope the music video comes on sale


That was cringe but I mean it💞


Great album and comeback. We missed you so much. Welcome back! We need your songs, music and performances. Go Iz*One!


It’s honestly such a great feeling to know that they were able to come back when we almost lost them as a group. Listen to: Dreamlike, Ayayaya, Fiesta, and Eyes IMO they’re the gems of this album but also to be real the whole album is great. IZ*ONE impresses me every time because you can see growth in them every single time they come back. Support and buy Bloom*IZ I promise you you won’t regret it because i sure don’t this album is on repeat in my car right now ✨❤️




I don’t have words for description of this master piece 👍


This is not a bad album and worth the wait. It definitely surprised me. Most of the songs are pretty catchy and have a positive tone. It can for sure grow on you the more you listen. Since the group is composed of young girls, the high voice tones may not appeal to everyone, but if you like one song, you will probably enjoy the rest. Looks like we have one of the next big K-Pop groups in the making.

xxbunnyxx 33

we have all been waiting for countless months for our girls to finally comeback. and we are NOT disappointed. this album delivers👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼i fell in love with ayayaya and fiesta and dreamlike. wow. i am so relieved they finally came out with such an amazing album. I LOVE IT SO MUCH🥰🥰🥰also eyes rly tricked us like that, so impressed


I*zone???? Sorry I only know bop makers😬😬😉. Fiesta is such a BOP


This album has been the best like the others, I’m so happy for IZ*ONE ❤️


IZ*ONE's smiles are blooming Who are the aces? It's none other than our 12 members of IZ*ONE Special edition (1st) album It's FIESTA COMEBACK!!!!.....

Rainbow kitty65

stan iz*one <3


This ablum is the best!!!!!!!!!!!


This was supposed to be my bday gift in november and then that travesty happened..... anyhow worth the fight! 대박

Lover music 32

Yayyy they are back ;) ❤️❤️❤️❤️


After the delay, IZ*One delivers another amazing album! This time with more input from the members who wrote and composed some tracks! Awesome!


song of the year.

Jack Tamaki

After a 3 month hiatus, we finally get Bloom*iz and it's amazing. While we did get two of the tracks during the concert, the new lineup in the studio tracks is bopping and the 10 new tracks are lovely. All in all, this album is banging.


It’s about time!!


Their songs never disappoint me, I can listen to this all day, it will never get tiring.