Lauren Mascitti - God Made a Woman

℗ 2020 Lauren Mascitti

God Made a Woman Tracklist:


Voice of an Angel and Songwriting is just Phenomenal ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


You have the voice of pure country. You will go far. Can’t wait to see you succeed!

Miss Gke

This is country. It has returned! American Idol can't handle this talent! You go girl!


You are amazing😍


queen of country here she is


I haven’t listened to country music in 20+ years. Lauren Mascitti and God Made a Woman have me excited about country music again.

Kitten Moon

American Idol made a huge mistake by letting this girl go. She could have won the whole show! I'm so glad her album is doing so well on iTunes. She deserves all that & more!

Lady 5

Lauren is an amazing artist. Lord Jesus bless her and keep her.


This girl is good! She is not only a talented song writer and vocalist but a beautiful person, love it!


This album is fantastic, gorgeous vocals and beautiful songwriting. Lauren is a blast from the past!


Love the Album congratulations on top 5 on the country music charts


This wonderfully wholesome artist is a throwback to old school country music, love her style. She’ll be on my playlists from now on, glad I tuned in to watch that reality show at the right time when she debut her title song.


Someone sign here a record deal!! Beautiful voice


I met Lauren in Savannah where we auditioned for American Idol. Such a genuine friend with a heart for music and songwriting! You go girl!

Ali Bara

Beautiful pure song !!!




I love this Album and her! I've known her for along time! I'll never forget that medicine cup ❤️ love you girl!

Shawty Greek

This is a Wonderful album, her voice really speaks to you, this album is upbeat and she puts a new spin on country. All her songs I could put on repeat and listen to all day long. She’s a wholesome, singer and song writer, and all of her songs have powerful words and meaning behind them you can relate to in some sort of way. She is the kindest, sweetest, and most talented person I know, and very humble! I definitely recommend ALL OF HER MUSIC AND ALBUMS🌹❤️

Paschal High

Real songs instead of mindless fluff, with thoughtful lyrics and pleasant melodies, performed by a vocalist who is mature beyond her years. Magnificent.


Lauren is such a great artist! Love this song! #foreverafan


Like many, I was super disappointed that Lauren was voted off of American Idol. I’m so glad to have discovered that she already has albums recorded and available for download. The tracks on this album are all impeccably written and beautifully sung. The single, God Made a Woman, is one of the best country songs I’ve heard in years. Well worth the download for sure!


Lauren’s voice is pure quality with nostalgic tones but current style. She is a true storyteller and is easily recognizable and truly unique! You will not regret getting this Album!


Lauren’s sound is classic country, and I love it! Great album 👍🏻


So very talented with the true country sound that is a must listen to. Luke Bryan needs to take this girl under his wing . She is a sure winner


Amazing!!! I had chills & cried. I really felt it! This young lady could be the next Carrie Underwood! ❤️👍


Not much brings me to tears. This woman is AMAZING.




I saw Lauren on American Idol and was absolutely blown away. Her voice is amazing and she is such a creative and talented songwriter. I love the classic country sound!


The song “God made a Woman” is an amazing song and tribute to her Grandmother. I’m not even sure why Lauren had to go on American Idol. She should have already been on the radio. She reminds me of old country like Loretta Lynn. Love her !


This is a talent & if she wrote all these songs she is a terrific writer & singer. I seldom buy a whole album but I bought hers.


Chills this album is


She sings and writes like an angel!


Lauren is a HUGE talent. This record features some of the best musicians in the world. Awesome!