Mick Gordon - Doom (Original Game Soundtrack)

℗ 2016 Bethesda Softworks

Doom (Original Game Soundtrack) Tracklist:


If your a fan of doom this for you 😀


I grew up playing doom. to be able to have this blasting through my jobsite with my crew is amazing! can't get enough of mick! super pumped for the eternal sound track as well


Nuff Said


Buying this in anticipation for the Eternal soundtrack. Mick is a god. His unique take on heavier music makes this something so special.


Love nothing else to say this song blows my mind literally

good dubstep

I’ve been playing DOOM for a long time now and now that Mick made a whole album if it is just amazing!! ( Keep up the good work Mick!)


Great music for when you wanna feel like the slayer yourself-


It literally melted my eardrums! I love the doom games and I’m so happy I can now listen to the soundtrack!


Just listen to it. You won’t be disappointed.

Lawlipop 78

This soundtrack will make your balls drop (even if you don’t have any)


Mick Gordon is absolutely fantastic. I'm usually all for vocals. Gutterals, highs, lows, I love it all. This is the first instrumental metal I've felt was better without vocals. Simply amazing


A masterpiece. BFG Division, Rip and Tear, Hellwalker, and Damnation are insane. Definitely the best songs on there. The whole album is so chaotic and is even better in game when you’re clapping demons cheeks. 1000/10.


Blood, gore and heavy metal. My new Deadlift playlist.


It’s a tie between him and Andrew Hulshult. Andrew didn’t do the music for doom though...

pinhead dipstick #420

This soundtrack is just freakin amazing. Electric sounds like some sort of meat grinder combined with metal makes it feel like the original games with some more modern touches. Also in case you didn’t know, Doomguy has speakers in his helmet blasting this crap at full volume! Thanks for the great music Mick! (I rate it 5 pentagrams)


Doom is fun I mean like, who doesn’t wanna kill demons! And the songs are just like heaven 😇! I recommend player doom, doom II, doom 3, doom bfg addition, doom 3 bfg addition, doom 4, doom 4 rebooted and doom enternal when it comes out on the switch, ps4, Xbox and maybe Pc and mac!


Rip and Tear intensifies


The song the game, what could be best. PS hyped for DOOM ETERNAL

Meen boi

Yes, yes he does...




One of the... if not THE best game soundtracks of ALL TIME!!! Worth adding to your library even if you don’t listen to Metal. Every time I hear BFG I turn it up!!!

So da

I love the doom soundtrack. The heavy metal, speed metal and some slower stuff is just perfect. This game deserves all the praise it gets and more

Jomar Isaiah

After playing the game, I bought the soundtrack to further relish on the gravity of Mick’s masterpiece. My cousin owns a pub and solely listens to all forms of rock and heavy metal, so one day in particular, he and a few bikers asked me to play a few songs for them. The moment Rust Dust, & Guts popped, one guy named, Alexander, started headbanging. It was an unsettling sight to see one guy with long curly hair rocking it, but then again, it literally lit up the bar when the bikers from outside started to relish the song. The last one I gave them was BFG Division, they’re reactions were equivalent to hearing a song that you’ve never heard before and pick it up as if you’ve heard it all your life. It’s a great soundtrack, I’ll highly recommend it, and I can’t wait for Eternal.


Especially when you are angry


Never gets old!


Jeez. BFG whatever-it-was is amazing, along with the rest of the album. Continue slaying demons while head banging


Godlike Music I heard the music from the game and had to download it my self


This is sooooo good!!


I don’t play doom, but I love the soundtrack!!!!

Zombeh へンォ

This is what you get when a smol lil’ dooter doots his trumpet. In all serious, the soundtrack of the masterpiece-FPS-Godfather reboot is freaking awesome. It’s a mix of the Slayer’s Testaments, dubstep, and death metal. If you listen to this with headphones in your sleep, you’d probably dream of severing a baron’s head off with its own tooth. Honestly, I’m not really sure if the Slayer Testaments should be in this album, as they’re not even song. At least make them the smallest price you can make them (25-75 cents). But hey, at least we get to listen to audio recordings of Satan talking about his scary nightmares. My overall opinion?: The DooM soundtrack is great. If you enjoy edgy music genres like dubstep and death metal, it’s even better. If you like wimpy weird songs that usually have to do with love; like country or pop, this definitely isn’t for you. Now that I think about it, Mick Gordon, you should make a demon love song hidden in the files of DooM Eternal lol


Nick Gordon did absolutely phenomenal with this album and I can’t wait to hear what he work on for ETERNAL


Nuff said

jack splash

Like the game? Good. Like the music? Good. Realized that you’ve listened to the YouTube videos of the music so many times that you’re pondering on buying the album? Do it. And turn up the volume. All the way up.


The best soundtrack in any game ever made is accompanied by one of the best games ever made. Congrats ID software on the game, give Mick Gordon a raise, and make Doom 2 right now

Maestro T.

These tracks pack a punch


Don’t waste your time reading and buy the album right now or the Doomslayer will find you

The Goodvibes

Written by the lord and savior himself, the Doomslayer.




Love this album


I'm so glad y'all released the soundtrack for download!


I'm not even remotely close to a heavy metal fan and the DOOM soundtrack blew me away. One of the few soundtracks I've purchased from a game of all things.


Yes the perfect music to workout to!!!




Enough said!


This is great! I love it. Metal rocks!


Amazing music, especially for the gym


Doom had incredible impulsed hardcore soundtrack of demon inside. It will take you a hell ride of action pack. It's the best way to explain you true rage.

The Josinator

Review (Optional)


I loved the game and the soundtrack and now I can take this awesome music where ever I go is even better

Pyro es da way

This album successfully blew both my car speakers. 10/10 would do again