NLE Choppa - Top Shotta

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Top Shotta Tracklist:




This song goes really good in the dumpster


I love NLE music and I think this is his best album

king julian530

He music is hella sick!


🔥🔥🔥🔥can’t stop listening too


Just stop making what you think is music

bestrapper 123

The best rapper around ready for some more songs

da hi hi

Lol male ghoppa sould like poops ensoue


Not even worth hitting play.


No thanks


Read title




🚨Have you heard (To the point ) by Damarion Matchem you have to go listen 💯 ‪

dig chop

The seat thing herd this whole album

Kerema jjhg

Amazing. Different beats and different moods. I listen to it everyday

Chef Stang

This ain’t it.


They all sound the same. Terrible with no talent. Can't wait for intelligence and assortment to come back to rap.


You could do better 😊

MJ Plug

⛽4:20 🔥Higher 🌿HigherLife 420 Page🌿 Fast 🚚Delivery 🤝Meetups Add me on [email protected]👻legit_mjplug [email protected]


A bunch of similar songs with no originality.

jones the bones

My Guys NLE’s should be at dat #1 spot.

Mafia vet

You can tell how much effort was put into all his songs and putting this album together.


This album is like the Falcons when they played the Patriots in the Super Bowl In 2016. Great start in the first half but completely blows it in the second half. This album Is too long. If they stopped after track 11 then it would be a really good album. It has songs full of energy and rapping. The last 9 songs are Somme mid at best. Boring, too much singing. A real swing and a miss.


Nope. Not dope.


his shii fye

Texas Soldier 07272012



This just destroyed brain cells. We’re in a pandemic and Pop Rap isn’t helping anybody. Labels need to stop signing garbage “rappers” and put Lyricists out there. This is RATCHET GARBAGE. This era needs to end already.

lil tecca is good

It’s good but its not really himself




I think he forgot to tat up his left arm but idk


Das it. 👆🏼

Xave Gutowski

Yessir kinda


This mf is hard🔥🔥🔥🔥

Anyhony Cumias ex-girlfriend

How come he’s free to use the n word, and I get in trouble when I do?


There’s some good songs but there are some real duds. Too many songs but there are some bangers in here too.


Music for Dolts


Craaaazy story! NLE choppa got a FaceTime call from Justin Bieber, Post Malone and NBA yungboy. Justin and Posty told NLE that he needs to get tattoos right now while he has some hype! NBA told him how to make tracks. Well one year later NLE went from virgin skin to fresh ink every week. Choppa went from boring 🥱 flow to “was that the new Yungboy track?” I’m ashamed of this music. Trash. Besides nothing of value for the community of which he reaps his paychecks from he sounds like a wanna be nba yungboy. I’m tired of these A&Rs and lame record execs approving trash and tryna clone every other artist they can’t sign.


I've had enough of this crap.

DJ THa Savage

I pre ordered it and its got only a few songs and the rest say purchased but it won’t let me download them


BIG Cap in his RAPS🥱

cneng rmdkgmtmrngnrn

Tbh the good songs are just old song he put in the album. None of the new songs are good but that’s my op


Everysong bout to 🔥


Just read the title

Extreme Ryan 2121

NLE always gets me so hype.

SKY N/O 91

Dropping n bombs? Really and BLM is the crap? I say f*^? BLM and your racist n shi_. Ps- you look stupid. Sold out and BLM can F off. Just saying

Math.Meth not

Yo 👏🧨 of course five stars from the croxie bang then C’s huh?

Music Album of NLE Choppa:

Memphis (feat. NLE Choppa & A$AP Ferg) [Remix] - Single
Memphis feat. NLE Choppa & A$AP Ferg [Remix] - Single (2020)
Magic (feat. NLE Choppa) - Single
Magic feat. NLE Choppa - Single (2020)
Magic (feat. NLE Choppa) - Single
Magic feat. NLE Choppa - Single (2020)
Punchin (feat. NLE Choppa) - Single
Punchin feat. NLE Choppa - Single (2020)
Punchin (feat. NLE Choppa) - Single
Punchin feat. NLE Choppa - Single (2020)
Ceo 2.0 (feat. NLE Choppa) - Single
Ceo 2.0 feat. NLE Choppa - Single (2019)
Free Smoke (feat. NLE Choppa) - Single
Free Smoke feat. NLE Choppa - Single (2019)