Ozzy Osbourne - Ordinary Man

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Ordinary Man Tracklist:


I see from the reviews, folks seem to love this album or hate it. I’ll be the first to admit that I missed the sound of Zakk swinging his axe on this one like most fans. But REAL Ozzy fans EXPECT the Ozz to change his sound over records. No Ozzy fan has ever heard albums sound the same. Start from the beginning and listen to the changes. I have listened to the record several times and my only dislike is the order of the songs. The flow of the album is a little uncomplimentary. “Under the Graveyard” is a great starter, a thumping “All My Life”, and “Take What You Want” offers a track with a beat that you can’t help but rock to. “Ordinary Man” is a trip back in time on Ozzy’s sound, and how unexpected but respectfully cool to place a song with the most unexpected HOF artist, Elton John. Even a metal head has to respect the musical artist side of this track. But the neon lights of this album in my opinion is “Scary Little Green Men”. This song is fun, comical, and fast rocking...like it or not, the chorus will be stuck in your head for days!! Lastly “Today Is The End” offers an upbeat apocalyptic chorus that one can easily see the Prince of Darkness smiling while singing with the world burning in the background. And a “Goodbye” the offers almost everything that is Ozzy - riffs, yelling, darkness, Iron Man ode’s, speed, and even tap shredding. People can be critical of the change in sound to this record if they want to, but it WOULD NOT be an Ozzy album unless it did change - his last record was 10 years ago folks. Odds are if you don’t like it, you’re getting too old for Ozzy Osbourne music!! Well done Ozzman.

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If you want true Ozzy look to the Black Sabbath albums. A good place to start is the self titled Black Sabbath Deluxe Expanded Edition. Check out Paranoid, Master of Reality, and 13 while you’re at it. For his solo stuff I recommend the Randy Rhoads Tribute album.


Best album since the Ozzy of the 80’s. Already sounds like a classic album. So would have gone to this tour. Please reschedule!


This album is 100% terrible. I am absolutely stunned people are buying it. If you want to remember Ozzy go buy a poster, this is terrible.


Its ok.....a few good tracks, love tracks 2, 5, and 8. Overall, what a waste! 2 Post Malone tracks???? 2 pop tracks.........ugh, Get him outta here!


this album is just bad. Worst ozzy song ever it’s a raid is tarible sounds nothing like he’s ever done before . I dont get why some like this aful song and album and saying your not a true fan if you dont like it. I guess iam not a true fan then .THIS ALBUM IS HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!

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In my opinion, this is definitely an awesome album! It sounds like this may be Ozzy’s last album and a fair well goodbye at the same time.


The lyrics are heartfelt and eerie. That's Ozzy for ya. I loved every second from the first moment. 💜

oldschool rivethead

I'm thrilled that Ozzy is back and this album isn't bad, but it isn't overly remarkable either. Fun while listening to it, but quickly forgotten.


This album is garbage. No Zakk? A bunch of garbage musicians backing Ozzy. Sad sad...


Ozzy keeps turning out great albums!

Alex is craz123

Awesome album, awesome dude


Really...Ozzy? It’s one thing that the mix is unlawfully compressed (lack of ‘grind’ and ‘balls’ that made his previous works enjoyable to listen, even if they were bunk records [Scream]). I understand that it’s 2020 and ANYTHING is possible, but who would of thought the Ozzman would team up with people his fans strongly despise? Rap artists??? Really??? Dimebag, Vinnie, Lemmy, Jeff Hanneman, Dio, Randy and many others are facepalming in seance. Shame on you, Oz.

italianmafia 37

Unfortunately at the end of his career he imposes himself more on playing modern rock and leaves behind all his influences that characterized him in the past


I get you are stuck in the past fanboys and girls, but move on and out of the basement. Take a shower, you stink. It's 2020 and for a man who has given you so much joy and music, show a little f'ing respect. Do you know how lucky your are to even be able to hear new music from an icon? Your opinions are about as useless as a music review on a site you can preview all the music. THanks Ozzy for all the years and for still rocking out. Don't listen to these pisswads.


Ozzy is the king of metal. Period. Stream the album for clear skin


I’ve listened to this cd now for the last couple of days and it certainly sounds like he’s saying goodbye to everyone. He’s old and in pain and its possible he may not be around for that much longer. i genuinely enjoy this cd a lot and hope ozzys around much longer


Easily his best album since Ozzmosis. This will likely be Ozzy’s last record. If that’s the case, he definitely went out on a high note! Having said that, the tracks featuring Post Malone are, predictably, garbage. A complete waste of album space.

New World Order

The absence of Zakke Wylde is obvious. Ozzy has always had a guitar giant as his right hand man. This album does not. Ozzy's music has always had dominating guitars. This album does not. I love Ozzy, but I have to give it a 3 out of 5...it's OK.


Putting aside that Ozzy couldn't write a song if his life depended on it and also that him and his canker sore of a wife/manager have ripped off practically every musician that actually wrote al of his music and lyrics, this is CRAP. Uninspired, weak, no balls, sorry excuse for a "rock" album that's an obvious cash grab before $haron can't force Ozzy into another album/tour to feed her greed. PAY YOUR MUSICIANS JACKASS.

Landon tyler

One great album


I wanted to buy this album but I felt like it was ruined. Seriously Ozzy? a song with rapper Travis Scott who usese nothing but technogical vocals.


Amazing this guy is still alive let alone making killer albums. Only two tracks I don’t really get down with are Straight to Hell and Scary Little Green Men. They aren’t terrible just not my thing. The rest are phenomenal. Long live the Ozzman.

srv lover

Whoever did the sound engineering/mixing could definitely use some improvement. This album is either OVER-produced or UNDER-produced. Either way, it sounds pretty flat overall when compared to Ozzy’s older stuff. It feels like the edge has been taken off. As a long time Ozzy fan, you are all blowing a bit too much smoke. This is a weak album from him. He set high standards for himself, and i don’t think he met them here. The lyrics are uninspired (in one song, he says “I’ll make you defecate”), and the guitar sounds like it is from a direct input into a computer. The only song with BETTER production is the Elton feature; however, Elton likely had significant say in the production, or a different engineer was involved. I find myself coming back to the guitarist and being heartbroken...after all the AMAZING guitarists Ozzy has partnered with, this one doesnt seem like the right fit. It might be due to the guitar being pushed through a computer amp (or being over-produced), but the flat, hollow sound doesnt inspire me to pick up my guitar and jam to it. It also doesnt seem to have the inspiration and quality that can be found on previous Ozzy records. After partnering with players like RR and ZW, how can we settle for anything short of unique and raw? Overall, I think the album is weak. I’m unsure if it’s over or under-produced; however, the sound doesnt seem to match with Ozzy’s past music or the intentions of the album. It sounds a bit “ordinary” in my opinion. If you’re worried about it being your last album, why not take a REAL risk or produce something that demonstrates the decades of experience you have gained? Also, to those of you getting upset at people for rating it low based on their opinions, or excusing the album because “Ozzy is old”: It has nothing to do with how he sounds to me. I don’t expect him to scream like he did in the Diary days; however, I do expect him to know when something “isnt right.” This sound isnt right, and it doesnt sound like him. Ive listened to all of his albums countless times, and Im a big Ozzy fan. I even liked several of the songs on Scream. This album was a big miss for me. I hope he is able to revisit it later, or they change the overall production of the album at some point.


A treasure such as Ozzy should be treated exactly as that, a treasure. He is clearly sending an entirely different kind of message through this album, and if you cannot figure it out, then do not bother writing a review.


Of all the albums I’ve listened to from Ozzy himself, this one falls in line of an amazing album. He has done it again!!! Especially with appearances from Elton John and Post Malone. Yet another magnificent album.


After listening to this album for the third time I can say not bad.Its definitely not his best but better then his last couple of albums.I pretty much like all the songs on this except for the one with oust Malone.If your a huge OZZY fan like me I would get this.


I’ve been an ozzy fan for years now,this is this finest hit


Love under the graveyard!

Coach Lonster XVIII

Great album with a lot of depth. It’s really grown on me.


Love the new album so much I keep on listening to it over and over again definitely the best thing to come out in in years

Ray Blanco432

All of y’all complaining that it doesn’t sound like early Ozzy need to go listen to his back catalog and shut up! Y’all are the reason rock and metal is non existent in the states and I blame y’all to the fullest. Great album by the way 🤘🏽🤘🏽


This freakin album is awesome

your faec

It’s a raid is a horrible song


This recording was a very spontaneous one where Ozzy got into the studio with Andrew Watt (Post Malone producer and guitarist for Glenn Hughes' California Breed) and banged out a bunch of tunes. It's not an Ozzy Blizzard of Oz album,it strikes more as a real solo album with very retrospective songs probably because the Ozzman has been ill and maybe thinking about how much time he has left. Ozzy is also in his 70's and while Under The Graveyard gave me hope that this could be a truly rocking album it is still a very good one considering it's a bit ballad heavy. I find it to have a bit of a No More Tears/Ozzmosis feel. It's a modern take on Ozzy and if it's his last work it's still better than the last bunch he's put out.


Where is Zakk? Would have made for a better album. Riffs are pedestrian at best, one spin maybe two and done.


The Ozz Man Cometh!!!! You can’t not like The OZZ!!!!!


His best since since no more tears


He songs are pretty good but you can’t just be so gothic


Come on guys! This album might be this legend's last attitude towards his whole life. He talks about his life through music in his last years, you guys should respect his attitude instead of looking for some amazing songs. Come on!

Rusty Wa Wa

Ozzy has had much better stuff.


I love oz, but id rather remember the iconic tunes. This isnt gonna cut it. Stick with the past


I’ve been an Ozzy fan since a year or two before the release of “Scream” in 2010. (I was in 6th grade then.) I have listened to every album, and I felt Ozzy started losing ground after NMT with Ozzmosis. Down to Earth was OK for the most part, and Black Rain had some jammers too. Scream only had one or two good songs on it at best. Here after 10 years if waiting, I’ll admit I was nervous at first, but once I listened to the album as a whole I gotta say it is Ozzy’s best since No More Tears in 1991! What makes it better is that every song was done in one or two takes to give each one that raw feeling, and I was getting some strong Sabbath vibes from here too. And it definitely felt like some of his earlier solo stuff as well. Over all, I absolutely love the album. “Scary Little Green Men” became my guilty pleasure of the album. And “Ordinary Man” is just so SOO amazing. I credit that song for getting me through a tough time in my life too. My dad passed away of Alzheimer’s a couple days after the song was released, and the Title track really helped me through it all. Thank you Ozzy for an Amazing album! I can’t wait to see if you do a follow up album like you said you might!


This is the best solo album since the 80’s. It takes me back. If this is Ozzy’s final album it’s one hell of a way to go out!


Not a single decent track. His last album only had one. Might be time to hang it up or stick to the old standards.

Lary Miranda

I love him more than never!

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I like this album. It’s good to see him still able to bring music to the airwaves. Would be five stars if Post Malone wasn’t featured on the album. Nothing really against him, but I’m not a fan of a cheap way to get the ears of the youth to listen. But what do I know? Regardless, I enjoyed this album!

Mikey v ova dare

Great album the more I listen. Been an ozzy fan forever and i have to say i was worried about this album but if this is his last its a good way to end it. There will never be another ozzy. God bless. Thanks for all the years and great music