Ricky Martin - PAUSA - EP

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PAUSA - EP Tracklist:


*Recuerdo / Carla simplemente espectacular Una de las mejores canciones sin duda alguna


Simple and Recuerdo are teo of the most beautiful songs in spanish I’ve ever heard.


Love it


Really enjoyed every song


I’m waiting for something more inspiring & different


Ricky ya no saca nada bueno siempre lleno a lo que los demas hacen y no a buscar su talento.....desde que dejo de producirle Draco Rosas, no ha sacado NADA decente.


Amazing Ricky🤩 I couldn’t stop Dancing I almost forgot I was riding a bike..🤪


I knew Sting sang songs in both French and Japanese while with the Police and solo, but never heard him sing in Spanish! How many languages does this guy speak??? Lol

just some guy on iTunes

When I was young I thought his music was a joke, saccharine. But there is intelligence in this. The timing itself in Recuerdo is not obvious, and yet it’s still listenable. And the track with Sting hits chords you just don’t expect listening to music nowadays with how homogenous it all is. A delightful surprise. Ricky, I was wrong about you


This is all what I need right now. His voice is so soothing. You transmitted your vulnerability and LOVE. My favorites are Simple and Recuerdo ❤️. I can listen all day long in repeat this two songs. I can’t wait to listen the rest of the album.


Still killing it! Great EP 👏

Stan Flores

ME ENCANTA tu obra!!!

MLB 2016 a



Ricky sigue demostrando el porque es el rey latino. Sublime.


What a beautiful album by Ricky Martin.




Everything about this EP is pure perfection!!! Love it!!

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