Taylor Swift - folklore (deluxe version)

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folklore (deluxe version) Tracklist:


I love every song on this album and it is amazing how the songs are related. Great job Taylor


I've been listening to this CD on repeat every day since I got it. This is her best yet, in my opinion. Favorites are The Last Great American Dynasty, Exile, August, Mirrorball, Betty, and The Lakes, but honestly I love them all and never skip one.

Jimmy Qin

He who has never listened to Exile can be horribly regretful !😍😍❤️❤️

Diary of Shine!

Really love these all songs... Now stay at home and feeling it.


Saved 2020


I love how she moved away from pop and went more folky. This was a great listen and now a new fan.




People still listen to her? Bleh.

Kyle Herb

Think the lyrical genius of Red, plus the instrumental vibes that got us all loving Taylor back in the start of her career, and you have a phenomenal stripped-down album that showcases her amazing talent as a musician & songwriter. This is the album I’ve been waiting for for years - one that centers around storytelling, love & finding yourself. Bravo Taylor, you are truly a gifted soul !!!


Perfect vibe for nonstop listening while muddling through current events


I think she knew she was in need of a sea change, musically. Lover, by all means, was a good album. But after three pop records I wonder if she felt the dangers of diminishing returns and if she, for once, felt like she was chasing the zeitgeist instead of defining it. Folklore feels like a renaissance album, not just for her own personal artistry but for her standing in popular culture. The great ones- and I mean that rarefied air of generational songwriters- know how to adapt to changing times while keeping one foot firmly planted in the soil of their own talent. That is exactly what Folklore sounds like to me. I was beginning to worry that she had resigned herself to follow the contours of pop stardom; that she was content to live out album cycles with nauseating hype and radio-ready singles. But I am so, so glad to be proven wrong. Clearly what made Taylor great in the past still holds true today: she will pivot when the road becomes too familiar, she will orbit musical genres without ever firmly landing, and she will always be deadly with a pen and paper.


I love this album so much it’s so beautiful and pretty!!


taylor really snapped with this


folklore is beautiful, from the lyricism to the instrumentals. the story telling in this album is above and beyond, each song takes you on a journey through the characters’ lives. i can’t get enough of this album!


Simply put, her best yet.


How about be original? You ripped off iamamiwhoami and myrkur’s art. You are still decades behind them.


So so bad


Such poetic lyrics and amazing imagery. I love it!!!!

mimic vampier starlight

To much swears!🙈


I love Folklore so much

Swiftie #275868094

I’ll be listening to this for years


I didn’t know what to expect with this album. With each listen, I have fallen deeper in love with it. The Lakes, The Last Great American Dynasty, Mad Woman, and Cardigan are some great standouts. It is a nice album to listen too, and makes me reflect on things. Definitely buying the Vinyl LP.


Soft, thoughtful, pared-down: perfect for the part of me that is sore and tired from the multiple pandemics (COVID, racism, white supremacy, and this horrorshow of an administration) pushing at the doors right now. Read a review in the New York Times that caused me to preview the tracks, and I really loved what I heard.


Girl, your vocals are way too basic to make anything like this sound interesting . Stick to the fuller pop sound. It hides the fact that your vocals are basic!


All of you who are complaining about the extra $1 and “deluxe” crap need to stop talking. You guys are still feeding into her crap and buying it regardless lol. You guys think she cares? Nope. It is all about the money & you poor simpletons are falling for it. Leaving reviews will not get you anywhere lol. Welcome to Covid-19:)


So disappointed


i think the bonus track THE LAKES IS THE BEST. For the rest of the album... 1. cardigan 2. invisible string 3. peace 4. this is me trying 5. exile 6. epiphany 7. mirrorball 8. seven 9. betty 10. hoax 11. mad woman 12. august 13. the last great american dynasty 14. the 1 15. illicit affairs 16. my tears ricochet


This is one of the best albums I’ve ever heard wow💞


Not her best work. Songwriting is still pretty ok but the album put me to sleep. So I’d say if you’re into meditation or ambient music, get the album. But you don’t want to listen to this on your way to work in the morning. 😴🚘🚗


Music for right now. We really need this right now. Great job Taylor❤️❤️❤️⭐️

Leslie Grant

Light years ahead of Lover but also light years behind Red and 1989 and LESS basic appealing to masses type of vibe and sound, but still relatively basic in my opinion. The story telling aspect is exceptionally strong, but there are elements that frankly don’t fit in and it seems very Low key energy. Suddenly Taylor’s all about Love when she spent the better part of her career viciously tearing down exes and enemies for her sole benefit, love how people were just ok with her being a bully in a sense and then her saying spread love As if she hasn’t created so much hate and war in this world. The album speaks volumes about Taylor’s personality trying to cover up her vicious bully side in an attempt to rebrand.


me dió sueño


Yep I said it


Fav: 😇 Good: 🙂 Meh: 😐 Bad: 😕 1. the last great american dynasty/invisible string (can’t pick) 😇 2. the 1 😇 3. cardigan 😇 4. exile 😇 5. my tears ricochet 😇 6. betty 😇 7. illicit affairs 😇 8. august 🙂 9. the lakes 🙂 10. epiphany 🙂 11. seven 🙂 12. peace 😐 13. this is me trying 😐 14. hoax 😐 15. mirrorball 😕 16. mad woman 😕 Note: This may not be completely accurate, as I put it together pretty quickly, but I know my first, fifteenth, and sixteenth are correct.

Grace Cecilia:)

I love it to the moon and to saturn.


Folklore is a masterpiece. Beautifully written full of imagery and concepts. I also love the production. Well done Taylor and everyone who worked on it.

BeaChyMe ;)

This is masterpiece!


Taylor is brilliant. Period.


Trash ass album


Absolutely amazing talent! So unique...


Throw the whole whiny girl away.


this album is so amazing omg she has outdone herself and i never thought it was possible for her to do that. coming for her third album of the year.


She outdid herself once again.


such a mystical, mysterious album. absolutly love the lakes. she is such a poet and such a brilliant songwriter. to believe she wrote most of these in a couple months is beyond crazy. the lyrics are so powerful. literally best album of the decade. 2020 needed this.



frank and beans meow

Simply the best

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