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"Let's Rock" Tracklist:


Sensei sound

Go and shine little light are my Favourite.


I am never disappointed when they BK release an album. The last one was more psychedelic blues and which was cool. With this album and the opening riff for "Shine a little Light" it just hits you and takes you on a 70's rock road trip. It feels familiar but fresh. I love it.


All Distorted,crappy sound


Thank you, Black Keys.


Not all the way back but a step in the right direction!


I love this. At 54 years old I have heard a lot of good and bad music but all groups evolve. Anyone that is a real Black Keys fan should make a “B.Keys” playlist of all their music and shuffle it. Next, start the playlist and just listen. This new album “Let’s Rock” fits perfectly. This is good stuff. The haters need to soak their heads while the rest of us just listen and enjoy.


Great songwriting, excellent dynamics, awesome vibe, catchy hooks. Love it. Not sure why anyone is complaining that it's a "guitar driven" album....Dan plays guitar and there's only two instruments in the of them being....guitar!!


Hell yeah


I have all The Black Keys Albums, this one, after a long separation is better in many ways! It is more of just plain Rock N' Roll. As a two man act, no comparison in any realm. These guys know how to "Let It Rock"


Definitely has a commercial sound to it, but not devoid of their old soul.


Is the album perfect? No. Is it gritty? No. Is it still the Black Keys? Hell yes. The album definitely is a bit more poppy and doesn’t have the same feel like older albums, but it’s still very much in the same vein for the Black Keys. I also have been a huge fan of Dave and Pat since I first heard 10 am automatic in 2004. They’ve evolved and changed over time and gained a huge following and experienced great success. And that’s awesome and any of their actual fans should be happy about it. The album is good and is a great listen for the summer. Would love the next album to have a bit more grit but this is still a solid listen.


First off boys, can we release some music more frequently. Like an album a year, or at least every other year? I’d also like to see you guys get back to the old school, underground sounding, blues rock. This and turn blue were good, but I kinda feel like you’re selling out...


This album is great, but why’s it Alternative? Why not just rock? The Black Eyed Peas made a song with Snoop Dogg and that’s classified as rock.


A new Black Keys album! I am ecstatic! And this album doesn’t disappoint. Goes back to their more bluesy guitar days. I will take TBK in any form they present because their music in because they are an amazing band. I definitely recommend this album. Already got my concert tickets for the tour as well! 🤘🏼


This is not ground breaking or genre changing, but I think this is just a fun blues rock record that we need more of in the world. If you want rock to come back you should at least give this a few listens so that companies actually see that people like this music still


This is off the beaten path compared to their early work, but this is a very catchy album. I’ve been listening to it over and over and have yet to get tired of it. Does it have more of a studio production sound to it? Yeah, but don’t let that deter you from giving it a spin. Don’t listen to the haters who are dissing it for various reasons. All artists change up their game every now and then for better or worse...this is definitely for the better.


90% of the songs on this album sound like something that would start playing when you put the required amount of quarters into a cheesy arcade racing game. That being said, it's fine, not sure what the hate is on Turn Blue especially after listening to this.


Awesome new album that proves their versatility. Great new songs with some excellent arrangements and musicianship. Love it!!

Joe Maw

The Black Keys are back with this rocking new album and it is 🔥!


I’m a huge Black Keys fan, but this album isn’t them! A couple good guitar riffs, but overall weak, mushy vocals. No edge, no “Brothers.”

Jacob Denyse

So, Ive been listening to this album the last week and a half. Like many previous albums by the Black Keys, it is a great album with some well written music that i love and enjoy. Sadly there is a strange lack of more up-beat/“Rock” tracks on the album even though its called “lets rock”. Now I love each song as it is but I just wish maybe there were less slower tracks this time around. Turn blue was an amazing album with the slow tracks it make u anticipate with the name of the album. But this really led me on to believe it would be a louder, maybe more fast paced album like el camino was. Over all 8.9/10, love it and I'm glad to have more from my favorite two boys Dan and Pat. If you love the black keys you have to hear this one but just dont expect many “rock” tracks.


I am absolutely in love with this album. Shine a Little Light is phenomenal, Walk Across the Water will touch your soul, Go and Under the Gun will make you groove. Dan and Patrick once again put together the best Rock/Blues and some of the best music you will ever have the luckiness to hear. Rock on!! 🤘🏻🤘🏻👊🏻❤️🍻 EDIT: Walk Across the Water is my new jam. Thank you once again. Soul and love...all the way throughout


I don’t get the negative reviews. I was reluctant to purchase this album because of Turn Blue, but this is a great album. Yeah, it’s not as raw as their earlier albums, and may not be as good as Brothers, but it’s a great album. Fire Walk With Me has hints of Roy Orbison vocals in parts. Across the Water is another great song. And Lo/Hi is pretty raw. I highly recommend it for a Black Keys fan.


Just good Rock n' roll! Great album! We need more bands and more talented musicians like this!


Can I return this ?


Great release!


Awesome album


No, there’s nothing ground-breaking here. At the end of the day, I’m not sure if any of these individually will rank among their top 20 songs, but as a whole this is just a refreshingly fun & perfect, throw-back-to-basics Black Keys record. Maybe it’s also partially due to the current state of music, how so many continue to adapt to main stream, with the pseudo-drum beat sound nonsense (the newest efforts from Mumford & Sons and Head & The Heart to name a few)... “Let’s Rock” has the quintessential, old school Black Keys vibe; not much production or instrumentation other than guitar and drums, and I couldn’t ask for anything more right now. While no, there aren’t any face-melting, OMG this rooocks moments, given its overall attitude and rejection to conform, AND if you look into where the title of the record originates, it’s perfectly apt. PS- if you’ve read this and mostly agree, I urge you to check out The Heavy’s “Sons” album that came out in May. You’re welcome!


just played this album all the way through, quite impressed! Great, bluesy and guitar riffs. Awesome!


If you take the energy you hear from the "They call me mellow yellow..." song by Donovan and put that into a rock record this is what the result would sound like. The songs aren't bad, they just sound low energy. If I were to create a revised version of the album artwork I'd still have the electric chair, just not turned on yet.

A-12 924

Far too polished, poppy, and predictable


I’m sure they’ll sell all these songs to movie trailers and car commercials.


This album has a good collection of songs. I've listened to it 5 times now, and while it doesn't contain many (if any) songs that are destined to be remebered as their best, there isn't a bad song on the record. Like every album they've made from Rubber Factory on up, Let's Rock has it's own distinct flavor. It's not likely to be as devisive as Turn Blue, but ten years from now it's not likely to be remembered as one of their best either. It's just solid from front to back. I enjoy it. There's not much to criticize, but there's not enough to warrant a 5 star rating either. Bottom line, if you like the Black Keys (and aren't angry that they grew beyond the the low budget recording equipment of their early years) you'll probably like this record.


Thanks for making me cry dad


I thought I tapped on a Black Keys record, but I just got John Mayer, throughout. I know bands have to be allowed space to change, but I didn’t think they would lose their identity in the process. I wanted so badly to see them on this tour, but I am really not sure what band I would end up getting. In other words, not going to pay the $300 to see a band who, just three years ago, charged $40 for admission. Your sound isn’t Nashville, you’ve just forgotten Akron, that’s all.


Loved this album immediately. My faves (in no order) are Rubber factory, Thickfreakness, El Camino, and now this one. Let's Rock has a lot of catchy hooks, soaring choruses, and raw power. Every song rocks and rolls and stays with you even after the next song starts. Even when they take the tempo down a notch, the music loses none of its power and charm. So why only fours stars? Knowing that the cover art refers to an execution just makes me sick. I had to change the cover art after downloading the album.


It’s about time! Five years of waiting is finally over! Can not wait because their stuff is absolutely great! Update June 29: Oh my goodness this is SO GOOD!!! I expected it to be good but exceeds all of my expectations easily. Good job!!!


It took a while to get this album, but it was worth the wait. It gets better with every listen.


I love it! Don't hate on one of the greatest rock and roll bands of our time.


It’s good to hear a guitar featured as a primary instrument again.


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This plays like a love letter to many of their more rock n roll influences instead of their blues influences. Not a bad track on here.

Ryan Dellwood

I have seen the Black Keys back when crowds were less than twenty. Early albums were superb. This is not good in any way, and the reviewer who said it is better that the White Stripes is way off. There is no pretense on any of the White Stripes sound ; the last several Black Keys sounds the same and very commercial. Sorry, this is no good. So , Dan, we are ready to rock. Where is it?


Every song is good. One of the best albums I’ve heard in years. My favorite black keys record forsure. I will definitely remember and be spinning back this record in the many years to come. GREAT WORK!


love love love


Wow, a few really good songs like “Walk across the water”, “shine a light” and “tell me lies”. However, it falls well short of Turn Blue’s masterpiece of an album. I know this isn’t the popular opinion of that album but every track other than Fever and Gotta get away are perfect.


I was hoping these guys would cut another album since it has been a while. And wow, this totally exceeded my expectations. Better than El Camino. Really solid work.


Shine a light is incredible as is the rest of the album

Alex vav

Can’t wait to blast this cruising with my windows down on a hot summer day