TOOL - Fear Inoculum

℗ 2019 Tool Dissectional, L.L.C./Volcano Entertainment II, L.L.C..

Fear Inoculum Tracklist:


Going to buy CD so I can touch it and lick it ! I bought one of the first CD|DVD videos with misspelled lettering freaking awesome just. Waiting to go to store to bring back the old school feeling of of going to store and owning music in a physical form .........Tool

seth kahlke

Sooooooooooo hard!!!!!!!!!


It gets better and better....


7empest is pretty much the only track on here that doesn’t put you to sleep.


Great album!!


If this album was just Fear Inoculum and Tempest it would still be one of the best albums to come out in the past 20 years. When you add the other songs as a bonus its ridicu;ous. The Riffs by Adam, Bass lines by Justin and Drums by Danny are mindblowing. Musically this is a masterpiece. Im so ready for more.


why are six of the songs Album only! No Bueno ):


So different. They are truly game changers.


Their best album


When first listening to the album, I was expecting something different. Maybe even a new direction. Because I’m a Tool fan, I didn’t give up on it and kept listening. At least 200 times now. It’s Tool! If your not a fan, keep won’t like it. For the Tool fans...there is plenty of time at home To digest and enjoy it.


Now that we’re waiting for the next Tool Album I just wanted to say thank you Tool for being the best touring band anywhere.


All the toxic people trying to deflect criticism from this album but it just feels so bland for tool. No new ideas here. Same riffs. Exactly the performance I expected from the drummer. Just bland. Not innovative.


Fear Inoculum is a staggering achievement. Tool has given us something timeless and transcendent on this album unlike anything in their catalogue. The tracks are epic in length and full of virtuosic performances. But they are full of subtlety and, yes, beauty as well — qualities that richly reward repeat listening. One can get lost in the unfolding grandeur of Descending over and over without ever exhausting its depths, or return to the crescendo of Pneuma without ever dulling to its thundering power. This is the Mt. Everest of prog rock albums: sublime, awe inspiring, and unlike anything else you’ll ever experience.

big smooth mdw

how in the world did they not win a grammy for best rock album or song ......... they should have been nominated for best album period,not just rock/metal....seriously no respect the winners of these categories are not even close. c mon give respect when due.....maynard is an amazing song writer and the whole band is like an orchestra of rock....truly have there own sound and genre much like a pink floyd or zepplin.....maybe someday they will get there do but from a true fan great job....never stop

Hurley Guerra

I loved it! It was worth waiting for it after 13yrs of absent : Every band tries new sounds in music!




tools the best thanks guys love your new artwork and music thanks tool keep making great music love it want to mmet you james maynard


This sanguine makes me feel so much better


Anybody who’s listen to this album you can hear the growth and this albums a masterpiece

Sicario LCMC

I really like the song with the drums!


What I appreciate most about Tool is that they have refined their sound over the last 27 years, and had the presence to mature over time. I remember tool as a Hard Rock Grunge band in the early nineties. As I have aged, so has the sound of this band and it still speaks to me. Other artists cannot do that anymore. I love Rage Against the Machine. I still rock “Bomb Track” as I roll to work as a financial advisor. Yet, hearing Zach De La Rocha’s new material is just sad. Same goes for Metallica and Alice ‘n’ Chains. Don’t get me wrong, I love those bands and they all had a profound contribution to my youth. But few bands can produce great music for 30 years and still be relevant to their original audience. Great Job Tool! I am listening to this album like I just bought the CD from a record store, popped into the stereo for the first time, and reading the lyrics from the booklet insert. It has been a while since I have done anything like that.


Ive liked Tool since they started. Most fans were still peeing in their panties while I was rocking out to em. This is not the band I liked. Not sure why they released this, there isn’t one actual song on it and it Sounds like a jam session. A bad one too that goes on forever but never goes anywhere.




Saw them in concert in Austin, Pneuma is great, album is awesome!


I really love this album but I think this is probably their weakest work by far. I mean despite the fact there are only 5 “real” songs on here, it’s still a great experience.


I’m not fooled. Stop trying to pretend Maynard can still sing. We all get old. We all have to honest with our selves. It’s time for Maynard to be honest with him self and us. Go make your wine bruh. You can’t sing anymore.


I’m a Tool fan. What did I buy? 7empest is the only song I felt any connection to. Deleted the rest from my songs. Ouch. Fellas?.


Not the usual hard rock album. It’s not about songs it’s about the album as a whole. More like classical music in a rock version. Like it a lot. Pink Floyd only better musically and edgier.


this album was pretty disappointing


i dont understand how a album that gives me everything that i want constantly leave me wanting more, fantastic


Love this album, impressive dedication to pushing artistic boundries of progressive metal.


Love the whole album can’t stop listening to it everyday!!!

Emb big bnd brass

So I remember doing the Lynyrd Concert in Aug 30th. That night, on the out, 80% atleast, the roadies all had this playing from their workstation or their btooth attached to their carabiner. Dope stuff I must say. Crazy, utmost respect for this band and it’s cult following.


When I first heard the album I was unimpressed. The more I listened, the more I ‘felt’ the music. I just saw them in concert and was blown away! The album is SOLID and like a lot of other Tool, it isn’t necessarily a casual listening thing. The songs build, grab you and pull you in. You’ll want to have your amps turned up to ELEVEN and it will give you chills.


Truly no offense, but I find this album underwhelming. Maynard sounds tired. Riffs sound derivative. Danny's kit sounds clunky. By comparison, remember the first time you heard Stinkfist? I'm happy for the folks who are really into this album, and I'm glad it was worth the wait for you. I just feel like so many other bands have been putting out killer albums over the past 13 years: TessaracT, Meshuggah, Animals as Leaders, Karnivool, Obscura, Katatonia, Opeth (okay, maybe not their last two albums...), Intervals, Dead Letter Circus, Chevelle, Deftones.... The metal/progressive landscape is vast, and there is so much good music to listen to. No waiting required.


I went to see them in concert for this album and it was boring. They had a curtain in front of them for 3 songs and you could barely see Maynard. Musicianship is great but the concert was a snoozer.


Reading through all the bad reviews here is quite disappointing. I've been a huge fan of TOOL since their inception. Each album they have released has been a journey through their career, musically, as well as how life has changed their perspective on life. As we ALL age in life, we gather wisdom, and learn along the way. This album is no different. TOOL's first offerings were from a very young, angry bunch, just as all of us were. Then over the years, the wisdom, and meanings of life as we know it change us, and our perspectives. Those that have expressed their negativity about this album seem to be stuck in a bygone era, that most of us have grown away from. They were expecting the angry, screaming lyrics of MJK, and the stompy thrash of the earlier albums. What we get with this album is a look into how the band has matured as musicians, and as people. 13 years between albums is a long time, and we have ALL changed during that time. This album is about deeper thought processes, both lyrically, and musically. MJK doesnt screm out the lyrics now, because he has learned that he doesnt have to scream to get the meaning, and his point across. The maturity of the band shines through with the musical depth that the album brings. The boys in the band are bringing an insanely complex style, with time changes, multi level tonal changes, and longevity with every song. Granted there are only 6 songs on this masterpiece, but listen with your mind wide open, and appreciate the difficulty of what the band does. Anyone that listens to this album that has any appreciation for musical theory, will be astounded.


Behold a Pale Horse, and His Name that sat upon him was Maynard


Certainly happy to see a new album by a very talented group! Songs aren’t bad, but they don’t have the same “drive” and energy that 10,000 days had. Long chugging builds just don’t seem to peak the same way, which ultimately makes it seem kind of tedious and drawn out without a resolution. It feels like I am just hearing the same power chord chugged over and over again.


When this album was released, as I am 47yrs old; it has become a part of me. Something that I didn’t even know I required. Even though I have been a member of the TOOL Army since 1992. After 25yrs in the U.S. Army and many combat tours, I can barely sleep each night more than 4 hrs if I am lucky. At midnight, at the release, I put my headphones on, downloaded the album and put it on repeat. I fell asleep!! I have been listening to this EPIC offering ever since. EVERYDAY. Period. In my truck, in my house, in the shower. It is a part of my very being. Thank you MJK, Adam, Justin & Danny. You have given me some long sought solice. Thank you! 🤘🦍


Wow. Can’t get into it. Can’t believe it. So bummed about this record. It doesn’t feel genuine at all. Hats off to Danny for being the only good part about this album.


It’s Tool. That means it’s excellent. This is no different.


I love everything about this album. Probably the only good thing about 2019. 😂

scuba steve 2

Used to love tool. Waited so long. Utter disappointment of stupid noises. The DRUMMER is the only standout on this album.


At first hearing their single “Fear Innoculum” I wasn’t the biggest fan at first. But over time hearing the complexity behind the music it grew on me a lot. And when the album dropped I was supper excited. I got lucky enough to hear “Invincible” and “Descending” live before the album released which were the two I was really curious about awaiting the album. And man they didn’t disappoint one bit. Maynards vocal melodies on “invincible” are HAUNTINGLY BEAUTIFUL! Tempest and Pneuma are incredible as well! Overall I’d say Tool is not a band for the casual listener. Which took me a while to adjust to when listening to them 13 years ago. But they killed it with this album!


I do not think I have heard greater musical achievement in my lifetime. This is the pinnacle of musical craftsmenship.


This is the next step in the beautiful, complex and elaborate evolution of Tool.

chance 39

What can I say. Can't stop listening to this very deep and personal album. So glad they released it on I tunes.


I'm a diehard Tool fan who has been listening to them since the early 90s, but this album is their worst - and the only album by them that's bad - and contains a bunch of "filler." HUGE disappointment!