UPPERROOM - Land of the Living (Live)

℗ 2020 UPPERROOM/The Fuel Music

Land of the Living (Live) Tracklist:


So full of thanksgiving, phenomenal songs


I’ve loved everything Upperroom has put out, and this album is no exception. Just pure, raw, heartfelt worship for the Lord. God is sovereign over all things, including Coronavirus. Listen to this album, and listen again. Favorite tracks for me include “Rest on Us,” “Oh the Cross,” “I Just Love You,” and “Unto the Lamb.” Keep it up guys! 🙌🏻

Ian Christianson

Timely. Just beautiful.


This album is fantastic! Every single song is amazing. I highly recommend you purchase this right now!


This album can cure Corona Virus. Don’t take your chances. Get this album. Be safe. Beat Corona.

davetta haywood 11

God please watch over us


You just listen and see for yourself.


Upperroom always brings it. I love this church and their music so much. Thank you Upperroom for helping to lead me into an encounter countless times.



C- section

Corona surprised us all. This album surprised Corona !!! It’s so good!


This album has the spirit of a lovesick bride all over it- it’s pure and genuine and pulls me closer to my Father. This album is such a gift, thank you ♥️


So Good!!


This album has lyrics that pierce your heart. The musicianship and creativity make me want to run to my bedroom and attempt to create. If you’re a creative or worship leader, you must listen to this from top to bottom. Incredible!


I love this album, just within the day that it has been released God has spoken to me through these songs. 💞🙌🏻


This album releases such hope for our hour! Thank you Upperroom!

cmt ♥️♥️♥️

this is genuine, real, raw worship. they’re not worried about how they sound. they just want to praise the Father. THIS is how we fight our battles. these are real anthems to sing over the battle we’re facing right now. thank you thank you thank you upperroom. my heart is singing, my soul dancing. this is so rich.

BEST worship album

I cannot stop listening to this!!!! It’s one of the best records I have ever heard. ALL of the songs are amazing and unique. SO GOOD!!!!

Rick warrenn

This is so timely and fresh.