Will Hoge - Tiny Little Movies

℗ 2020 EDLO Records marketed and distributed by Thirty Tigers

Tiny Little Movies Tracklist:


Especially the bass playing

borealis a

It"s not often you can find a song so emotionally-charged it brings you to tears. Will Hoge does just that in "Is This All That you Wanted Me For". And then there's the cleverly -written song about a dead-end town and letting someone go in "Even the River Runs out of this Town" All in all - some great songs here.


Some people refer to Will Hoge as political. I would call him refreshingly honest and in touch with reality. And this is on top of being a stellar singer, songwriter, and musician. Thank you for an uplifting moment in a year that has been so far from what any of us had hoped.


His first few albums before he went country were incredible. Saw him live incredible. The rest of this is just so bland. Shame so much talent.


It's one song, but Will gives his best Tom Petty on the Curse. His live shows are phenomenal , but his last few albums have been too slow and political for me. Hopefully this is a sign that he is picking up the pace.