ZZ Top - Greatest Hits

℗ 1992 Warner Records Inc. Marketed by Warner Strategic Marketing, a Warner Music Group Company.

Greatest Hits Tracklist:


Too bad this Greatest Hots is missing Waitin' For The Bus / Jesus Just Left Chicago. It is still a good value.


IMO, there has only ever been one flaw in this album, and that’s the exclusion of “Legs” from the track list. That said, this album was released at a time before digital download and there was only so much space on a CD. If you can find one track to leave off in order to get Legs on, congrats. Because I can’t.


There is a reason why the definition of greatest hits is used and this collection of the best stuff of ZZ Top is that reason. Love every track on this album and still do.

👲lama sama yo mama

I love this album and song anyone who disagrees is mental:)

Mike's Stone

Graet stuff


The monkey told me this was a great buy so what the hell


This was my first cd ever. Best!! Never gets old!!!

Big Bapper

If you have to chose just one ZZ Cd, this is the one. Superb! To equate them w/ducks just cuz of the beards? What a joke. Obviously, a comment by someone with NO idea just who ZZ Top is and has been for 40 years.

In a Rush

I remember this song same version since I was a kid. Love it! It has never lost the quality sound or band enthusiasm of this version of Tush.

Tapscott 1

I have been listening to and a fan of ZZ Top since 1972 and to me this CD defines 40 years of their best music. It is all here: If I had to own one party hell raising album , this is it. The first 30 seconds of Gun Love played at max volume is worth the cost of the record !


Best ZZ Top album EVER